What Is Your Why?

Have you ever sat and thought what is my why in life? Why do I want a certain lifestyle so bad? Why do I want a career change so bad? Why do I want to achieve my goals? In order to develop personally, professionally, and within your career these are definitely questions you need to answer.

Some are easier than others, and some may be more complex depending on where you are in life and where you want to go.  I didn’t say where you have been because true enough the past have shaped you into the person you are today, but you don’t  live there any more.

Personally, my why is my daughter.  That goes for all areas of my life because I am working to end generational curses and birth generational blessings.  But I have to proceed in order.

  • First you have to begin with personal development, because everything flows from that.  If you have things hindering you personally how will you proceed with the present day or future.
  • Second, you have to decide where you are career wise.  It may be starting over, transitioning into another sector of your current career, or seeking a promotion right where you are.  Whatever the case maybe you have to decide that portion first, then move forward with execution.
  • And lastly, professional development will stem from your career development.  Depending on which route you take career wise you may have to do some things entirely different such as your work attire or seek an increase in educational knowledge and skills.

Even though this may seem elementary it is necessary.  Sometimes advancement require starting from the beginning, and if you really want to develop personally, in your career, and professionally you will take it all in as a learning experience.  So take some time and think what is my why.  If the answers are to please someone, to keep up with someone, or to prove something to someone other than yourself you need to hold yourself accountable and re-evaluate your why.

Talk to you soon!

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