We Are What We Frequently Do

“We are what we frequently do” is a quote by Aristotle.  When I think of personal development this is the perfect phrase.  We never put much thought into how our actions affect our lived but they really do especially actions we partake in often.  So when you are thinking of how you want to change some things in your life think of how often you do the thing you want to change.

For example, when I wanted to stop holding grudges I had to reflect on how often I did this and the severity of the  issue that caused me to hold a grudge.  And yes I know you shouldn’t hold grudges, because it affects you more than the other person.  I had to also realize that by holding a grudge I really hadn’t moved on from the situation.  In addition, this is something that happens continuously, so I unintentionally picked up the behavior.

I spoke about being positive, thinking positive, and acting in a positive manner but I wasn’t doing the same.  Just as you do positive things frequently you become positive, the same goes for negative actions and becoming negative.  So when you are thinking about what you want to change in your life, think of the origin of your actions, and how frequently you partake in this behavior.

Personal development takes time, effort, and being brutally honest with yourself.  But at the end of the day it’s worth it because you are working towards a better you.  Hold yourself accountable for your actions. Once that takes places you are in a better position to improve other areas in your life.

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