Time Management Can Be Such a Nuisance to Your Career

No matter what level of professional the individuals I’ve worked with were, there has been some issue with time management somewhere in their life. Let’s face it when you devote more time to improving one area in your life another area may unintentionally suffer.

For instance, if you are working more hours, or taking on extra duties to get a promotion your home life may suffer. So many times individuals find themselves single because their spouse may feel they put work before home.
Another example is going into another career or branching off in an area in your current career that you’ve never experienced. Before you know it we begin to neglect ourselves. Some may experience sleep deprivation, irritability, anxiety, weight loss, hair loss, isolation etc.

No matter what the situation is you have to find balance. Time management is an imperative part of this process. The plan is never to decrease in one area of your life to increase another. So what can you do to change it? I know everyone is different. Here are a few tips I encourage clients to use:

1). Utilize your phone. You’ve paid a lot of money for it. So let’s put it to work. One thing that definitely keeps me on task is my calendar. I love it because you can schedule things to do throughout the day and add alerts just in case you get side tracked. You can also choose which calendar you want to put it on so you can stay organized such as: home, work, family, etc.

2). If a computerized calendar doesn’t work for you try a desk calendar. It is something that will be on your desk all day and you can’t miss it because of its size. Make a to-do-list for each day and scratch things off as you go. This way you’ll know how to plan the next day.

3). Hire a virtual assistant. I know this may seem like an expensive alternative but there are some cheaper routes. You could advertise for an intern on social media. Or you could contact business colleges or business programs and inquire about interns or ask to post flyers for part-time assistance.

4). Always complete your most important tasks first. You may want to put them off last because they are the most time consuming but you never know how your day will end up. So if the worse case scenario happens and you don’t get through your to-do-list at least you’ve accomplished the most important things.

5). Learn to say NO. Stop adding more on your plate to help others when no one is helping you. Even if it is someone that has been helping you, sometimes you have to be selfish to get where you want to be. The individuals who are in your corner to support you will understand. To the rest who doesn’t, good riddens!

I hope these tips can help you manage your time just a little bit more. Remember time is something you can’t get back and the last thing you want to do is waste it on things that aren’t conducive to your advancement.

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