Their Fear of Failure Isn’t Yours

Have you ever really sat and thought about why you haven’t reached your career goals or any personal goals you have/had in life.  Sometimes we allow other’s fears and failures to make us afraid before we even try, especially if it’s our parent, a trusted family member, a dear friend, or a mentor.  You have to understand that their fears and failures are not yours.  Don’t allow that to keep you from making sacrifices to do what you choose to do with your life.  At the end of the day YOU have to be happy, and no one has to live with that decision but you.

There will always be opinions but if we lived our lives by the opinions of others we would be miserable.  And some of you probably are because of that, but it doesn’t have to remain that way.  Personally, if I would’ve listened to some family members, one being the most important person in my life (my father), I would be miserable in my career as an attorney.  If I would’ve listened to others about paying for business coaching, I wouldn’t be as keen as I am when it comes to my delivery of my services, combining my educational and professional skills, branding, marketing, etc.  If I would’ve listened to others I would have never stepped out on faith, pursed my doctoral degree, and ultimately be the first on both sides of my family to be a Ph.d. recipient.  I think you get the point.

I know our loved ones have our best interest at heart.  But truth be told you can’t succeed if you’ve never tried.  You can’t profit if you’ve never took a loss.  You can’t learn who you can and can not trust to guide you if you don’t reach out to receive help.  And I get it, no one has time, money, or energy to waste.  But without trying you will never live up to your full potential.  At the end of it all I always tell myself it will be greater later.  And remember who’s to say you will take a loss.  Just try!

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