Support Systems and Your Career

When you take on anything within your personal life or career have the right support systems in place are key.  Some individuals are fortunate enough to have an immense amount of individuals that cover different sectors of their support system.  Others may only have a couple of individuals.  It doesn’t matter how many individuals you have that are a part of your support system, what is most important is how supportive they are.

You can have several individuals who “pretend” to support you and when you may talk to them about doing something different their support may seem questionable.  They may something negative like, “Why are you wasting your time changing careers? Stay where you are at.” or “Why are you trying to get a promotion? When will you have time to do all that extra work?”  Now don’t get me wrong, they may mean well and other times they just may not want you to do better than them.  I know I know, that may be hard to believe, but sometimes the people who hinder you the most are those that are closest to you.

It may just get to the point where you have to let these individuals go because talking to them has just become another negative distraction in your life.  This may be difficult for you, especially if you feel like, “Tiffany I already don’t have that many people in my life.”  That’s ok, because as you elevate you will come across individuals just like yourself and they actually want to see you progress past where you are in life (i.e. like minded people).

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