It can be difficult to find just the right speaker for your event. Your audience deserves someone who will give a powerful, yet relevant and authentic message.

I understand and I will deliver. I want you to know that I am honored by your consideration of me to fulfill your speaking needs.


Here is what my team and I will deliver:

  • prompt and professional responses to your inquires and any other questions you may have;
  • a telephone consultation to ensure I am clear on the goals of your event, so that I can create a dynamic message tailored to your specific needs;
  • use of my various media outlets to announce and support the increase of attendance for your event, should it be public;
  • a fresh and energetic speaker that will be proficient, yet fun and engaging; and
  • a follow-up communication after your event, to confirm I have met your expectations


I am a Licensed Social Worker with dual degrees in Social Work and Sociology and I am have nearly completed my doctoral degree. My real-life and practical workplace experience fine tunes my knowledge on the speaking topics that I have mastered. I pride myself on being accomplished, but relatable which helps decrease the snooze factor of my audiences. For more than 5 years I have been speaking publicly and I promise to be an awesome addition to your event as featured speaker or panelist.


  • Self-Love: Putting The Oxygen Mask On YOU First
  • Why Am I Here: Finding Purpose For Your life
  • How To Have A Top Notch Life (healthy relationships & boundaries)
  • Even Super Heroes Have A Life (work/life balance)
  • How To Be Your Own Cheerleader (coping with lack of support)
  • Beast Mode: The Self-Discipline To Overcome Obstacles & Achieve Goals
  • You-niversity Ready (gearing up for college)
  • My Angel Is Better Than Yours (coping with grief)
  • What Is Normal Anyway? (mental health regarding women, teens, men, or college students)


  • Spirit, Mind, Body, & Soul Summit (Speaker and Panelist)
  • Know Your Mental Health (Keynote Speaker)
  • Brunch with Bosses (Speaker)
  • Empowerment in Pearls (Speaker)
  • North Central High School Black History Program (Speaker)