I’m Tired of This Damn Job!

I have heard this so many times from family, friends, business colleagues, students, clients, etc.  When I ask the golden question, “Well why are you still there?” I always get the same answers.  It’s either “I need the money”, “I’m waiting until my kids finish school”, “I can’t get hired anywhere else”, etc. etc.  Then I follow with, well why don’t you focus on a career instead of a job? Then I get other answers such as: “I need to go back to school”, “I’m not sure what I want to do”, “I don’t know how to get started”, etc.  In a nutshell these are a bunch of procrastinating excuses.  A job DOES NOT equate to a career.  They are not one in the same.  I know I may be coming off harsh, but let me explain why.

There will never be a perfect time to get into your career.  There will always be some type of financial issue that develops.  You won’t know until you take the time and truly sit to figure out what you want to do.  You won’t go back to school until you sit and choose a program, then apply.  You won’t know how to start if you don’t ask.  These things are what you call a part of life.  But you can’t let that hinder you.

If you continue to focus on the right now, which is a job, you will never get into the career that you desire.  And it’s never too late to start.  Some of us get off to a late start due to varied reasons and that’s ok.  God can propel you into things within a days time that you couldn’t get accomplished on your own throughout the years.  But you have to do the work.

So instead of complaining about that damn job every day do something about it.  The time you took to complain, that is time you could be taking action to move into a direction that will make you happier and more financially secure.  It’s time to hold yourself accountable, take action steps, and achieve your goals.  It’s just that simple.

If you don’t think so then maybe you are at the point of discouragement and you need some help.  That’s why I am here.  When you are shifting in life you have to not only take physical actions, you also have to change your mindset.  You won’t get far with negative thoughts and negative self-talk.

Now don’t get me wrong the steps that you need to take may be simple to layout once you discuss it with a professional, but it may honestly be difficult to accomplish depending on your situation.  But if you are truly tired and ready for change you will make the sacrifices, because only YOU can change your situation.

So stop saying “I’m tired of this damn job” and start saying “I’m going to start my career now”.

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