I Am Not My Story

I spoke to a childhood friend of mine today and we reflected on what I’ve been through and how I have prevailed to still accomplish all the goals I have set forth for myself.  While talking to him the phrase “I am not my story” popped up in my head and here we are.  I don’t want you to think I’m ashamed of my story or I am trying to disconnect from it, because that is not the case.  I am simply not where I used to be and I have the right to write a new story for myself and my daughter.  And guess what you can do the same.

I understand everyone wasn’t as fortunate as myself to stay on track with their goals due to things they may have happened in their lives.  But I want you to know you can still accomplish your goals because you have the right to re-write your story from this point on.  Stop living in the past.  Take what you’ve been through and make a vow to yourself that your future will be nothing like that.  Make a vow to yourself that from this moment on you will set forth to move forward in your personal and career development.

In the same breath I want to say yes, our stories are what makes us who we are, but you can re-invent yourself just as business establishments does the same.  So if you want to change your hair style, eating habits, living arrangements go ahead and do so.  Even more important if you want to change your goals and make them BIGGER, and actually take the steps to accomplish them,  you can do that as well.

Don’t limit yourself by what happened in the past.  Don’t limit yourself by what people said about you.  Don’t limit yourself by where statistics said you should be in life.  You have the right to re-write your story as many times as you chose to and it’s no body’s business but your own.  And whatever life story you chose to focus own is your decision alone.

So I challenge you today to re-write your story.  Reinvent yourself.  Challenge yourself to go after your unimaginable goals and receive the life you and I both know you deserve.

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