How I Found My Passion from Helping Others Find Theirs

Finding my passion has been an interesting journey for some time, because as life progress my ideas and interests change.  I had to learn that, that was okay.  My first battle with finding my passion in life began when I left law school in 2007, to pursue my master’s degree in social work.  That was one of the hardest decisions of my life because it was a childhood dream that I had to accept wasn’t going to happen. That internal battle, fear of failure, and fear of disappointing others (especially my father) caused me to break into hives, go into a depression, and have no desire to put effort into anything.

Fast forward to today, I made the decision that was best for me and now I am a licensed social worker preparing to test for my clinical exam.  Unfortunately, during this time another internal battle arose while working within the social work profession. I had to now figure out what sector of social work would become my area of expertise.  I ultimately found my way into the mental health and addictions realm, mostly because my familiarity with the two within my personal life.  This eventually led to my position in higher education, advising and counseling. Did I mention I love my job, because I do! lol

Now around June of 2015 Passion Finder (my first coaching business) was created after I met a business coach.  Speaking with her at an event is where I was educated about life coaching.  Long story short I joined a coaching apprentice and decided my niche would be helping women finding their passion and purpose in life.

During the coaching apprentice, I was coached on the process of branding, marketing, and creating different streams of income.  Four months later I was branding and marketing myself as the Passion Finder.  I even registered my business as an LLC, obtained a website, logos, a Facebook group, a Facebook business page, an Instagram page, etc.  Even though I was truly passionate about helping others finding their passion something was missing. I felt I was missing a bigger picture.  So, for weeks after presenting my brand to the world I continued posting, motivating, and marketing myself.  BUT I wasn’t feeling fulfilled. I wasn’t happy.  I wasn’t living out my purpose.

Don’t get me wrong I loved my brand and everything that goes with it, but I wasn’t showing who I was. I wasn’t sharing my testimony. I wasn’t utilizing my social work skills.  I wasn’t doing things on God’s terms.  I had to stop focusing on monetizing my gift so much and just start helping people like I should be.  That’s fulfilling to me. Don’t get me wrong it’s frustrating that I have to take a step back, but all isn’t lost.  It’s a learning experience that I can now share with others.

Now my goal is to help women achieve their unimaginable goals.  This is what gets my blood flowing.  This is what I can talk about all day and work on constantly without every getting bored.  This allows me to be me, Tiffany the woman and Tiffany the professional, because I know my testimony was meant not for me but for others.

Who would’ve ever thought that my first business of helping others find their passion led me to find mine. I had to realize all of this is a part of the ultimate plan. So, if you feel stuck be inspired. It will all come together at the end.

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