How Do You Define Success

Before life got a hold of me, I equated success to the amount of money in my account, the education I acquired, and the type/level of employment I had.  Years later I look at success so much differently because I now equate success to my level of happiness. Money, my education, nor my business means anything without my happiness.

There’s an old saying that states “Money can’t buy you happiness”.  And many people reply “I sure in the hell would like to find out.” I know because I was one of them. Lol. But even with the capability to live as I pleased because I am financially stable still does not equate to success for me. It does bring me comfort in knowing I can take care of myself but if I don’t have the time to spend my money to enjoy life nor have people in my life to enjoy it with, then guess what, I won’t be happy.

And yes, everyone is different. For some people success does mean a lot of money, their dream career, a fancy car, a large home, etc. It just simply means we value different things in life and there is nothing wrong with that. I also believe the way we were brought up and the experiences we have in life change how we define success as well as how we look at life.

I was one that equated success to the amount of money in my account and my career level, but after many losses in life, hurt, disappointment, grief, etc. that changed. At the end of the day those things mean nothing to me if I’m not genuinely happy.  The things I valued before can be taken from me.  But my happiness is something you can’t take from me unless I allow you to and that isn’t going to happen. So I guess I will always be successful

Now I ask you, how do you define success?

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