1-on-1 Coaching

The obstacles to reaching your goals can sometimes be a private matter. Not only can we get personal, you get all the focus to work through hurdles that plague you in particular. Whether it be perfectionism, putting in too many hours in the work day, or being overwhelmed with the demands of loved ones; these obstacles, can leave you with unfilled goals and dreams.

Work with me if…

  • You have a clear goal but do not know how to accomplish it.
  • Facing obstacles to your goal cause you to doubt yourself.
  • You feel too scattered to focus on what goal to work toward.
  • You are a procrastinator and need accountability to execute the steps to your goal.
  • You’re the one everyone else relies on, so you can’t focus on your own goals.
  • You can’t imagine that you are capable of achieving your goals.
  • There is a past trauma holding you stagnant.

This coaching program is designed to be more hands-on in helping women capture more life for themselves and achieve the goals that will make that life exactly what they want it to be.

  • It provides a more hands on way for me to help you attain your goals.
  • It will give you clarity of direction with 1-on-1 guidance.
  • It will give you the necessary tools to achieve the goals set.
  • It will give you focused accountability to propel you through the process.

Are you looking for a system that will help you remain accountable while working privately with me? Great, Evolution Red is a 6-month program designed to help you through your challenges. This is the program for YOU to achieve your unimaginable goals! I’ve helped dozens of women achieve both personal and academic goals. Some felt they could not accomplish a goal because they were lesser than, lacked support, struggled financially, had no mentors, etc.

But not to fret, I assisted each with a personalized plan inside my system of achievement and accountability. If you’re interested in working with me to achieve your incredible goal let’s get started!