You Can’t Advance in Your Career or Business in a Toxic Relationship

Relationships/Marriages are a beautiful thing if it is healthy.  But some where over the years we have allowed ourselves to get in relationships for all the wrong reasons, instead of simply love.  This is not the year to build a man or woman.  And please don’t get in a relationship based off of potential, because who’s to say that person will ever live up to that.  And if they don’t you will find yourself resenting them because you have wasted time on “what could be” instead of accepting “what things are”.

I have talked to several individuals the past couple of months who are leaders and bosses but the one thing that has been holding them back is being in a toxic relationship or marriage.  I’ve heard over and over again: I’ve loss myself in him or her, I’ve put so much into her or his career I’m not advancing, I’ve supported his or her business and I haven’t gotten mine off the ground, I’ve been with this person over 5 years and I’ve been emotionally or mentally abused, She or he has cheated on me continuously and keeps doing it, etc.

If any one of these statements resonate with you it’s time for you to stop and do some soul searching.  I understand some times it can be easier said than done to leave a toxic relationship especially when you have kids involved, money and investments involved, the amount of years you have been with this person, etc. But all of these things can be worked out.  And at the end of the day your happiness and legacy is way more important than codependency, toxicity, being stagnant, etc.

If you are in this place do yourself a favor, LEAVE. Focus on yourself. Focus on your career. Focus on your business. Focus on your children.  Life is too short.  Just think of all the time and energy you have poured into this person and toxic relationship.  If you had spent that energy and time on yourself where would you be right now? But it’s not too late.

People always ask how I have been able to continue to be successful in life despite all I’ve been through and one thing is I NEVER allowed a relationship to knock me off course.  And when I did, I promise it didn’t last long, because I always kept me and my end goal in sight and that is having a better life than the one I grew up in. If you are ready to make that change contact me today.  It’s time for you to hold yourself accountable, move forward, and boss up.

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