Dr. Tiffany Zachery, LCSW-BACS

My sole purpose is to use my professional experience to help women reach their goals and achieve the unimaginable! I am:

  • The Founder and CEO of Tiffany Zachery LLC
  • A Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • A Doctor in Higher Educational Leadership and Researcher
  • An Achievement and Accountability Coach
  • #1 International Best Seller and Amazon #1 Best Seller
  • A Speaker of life into women who want to realize their chosen success

Great Women, Realizing UNIMAGINABLE GOALS!


I wasn’t raised in a highly-educated family or a family of entrepreneurs. However, I felt I had a greater purpose -especially after all I had been through in life. One of the most frustrating moments I ever experienced was AFTER I realized I had to have a greater purpose. It became clear to me that I had no idea how to achieve what I wanted. I was so caught up in being a perfectionist (along with trying to maintain the other hats I wore: such as a full-time employee, pregnant mom, responsible family member, and dependable friend), that I couldn’t see passed the overwhelm to my success.


My father was one of the most influential people in my life. He passed away unexpectedly. One thing my dad would always tell me was, “handle your business.” So, either I was going to accomplish my goal of extending my legacy of support to women or I would continue to struggle over not living in my purpose. I chose to evolve from my circumstances and “HANDLE MY BUSINESS.”

I finally buckled down, researched, and got educated on just what I needed to achieve my goals. This is where my journey into purpose began. I created, executed and held myself accountable for an evolutionary plan for success.


It doesn’t matter what those goals are. We will figure out your true passion(s) and work together for you to be great in your own right. I will give you the practical tools, advice, strategies, and clarity to help you break through the clutter in your brain, eliminate your self-sabotaging behaviors, and come to terms with your mental/emotional issues that may be keeping you from evolving into your amazing self.