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Hello! I’m Dr. Tiffany Zachery.

I am an Achievement and Accountability Coach. I use my professional skills as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker to help you design the success of your incredible goals.

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What Can I Help You With?


Are you at a place where you are ready to ascend to the next level, but you are unsure how to get there or where to begin? It’s your time to shine and I want to help you sparkle.


If you are aware of your goal but are in need of a plan and someone to hold you accountable that understands your purpose and is willing to guide you in a nonjudgmental manner along the way.


If you are in need of quick results that will assist you on honing in on the correct issue(s), give you clarity, and a plan to move beyond the barrier(s) that is preventing you from moving forward.

Success Story

“Dr. Tiffany Zachery is the best! She has helped me figure out my potential career goals and inspired me to be the change that my world needs. I was overwhelmed and wanted to do too many things at once. But with her help I was able to distinguish what I really wanted, from what I really needed. This has saved me both time and money. Now I know exactly what I must do educationally, as well as how to proceed with gaining knowledge and experience to successfully own my business. Her professional knowledge, as well as personal experience in achieving her own goals will resonate with you. You will be able to acquire a profound outlook on whatever you are going through. I will forever be grateful for her words that continue to influence me to this very day.” – JD

Happy Clients About Me


“Tiffany Zachery is an amazing life coach. She assisted me with bringing forth the vision I have for my life, while also assisting me with the necessary steps to make it happen. Her encouragement is just what I needed at that time in my life.”

Shalita Jackson

“Very straightforward and honest; she sheds light in dark areas while giving you the tools to succeed in life. She is amazing and very passionate about what she does!”

Claire James

“When I first spoke to Tiffany it was an instant connection. She was so positive, happy, and easily relatable. It’s usually hard for me to open up to anyone, but Tiffany honestly was like my personal diary -only better because she responded with positive feedback that was compassionate and real… from her heart.”

Dionica Mott

“Tiffany is a great speaker. We were on a panel together and the way she connected with the audience was very authentic. Her transparency and honesty really captivated the crowd.”

Robin Charles-Living BA, EMBS

“When hearing Tiffany share her insight and story regarding life and perseverance, I could not help but to be motivated to continue to strive for a better day for myself and my family.”

Whitney Living

Just because YOU can’t imagine achieving your goal, doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

Let me help you.
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3 Ways Forgiveness Can Affect Your Life, Career, or Business?
3 Ways Forgiveness Can Affect Your Life, Career, or Business?

Not forgiving someone who has hurt you is something you’d never think could affect you tremendously, especially when you have blocked the person who has harmed you out of your life.   Little do you know that act of blocking that person out of your life, without forgiving displays how hurt...

Their Fear of Failure Isn’t Yours
Their Fear of Failure Isn’t Yours

Have you ever really sat and thought about why you haven’t reached your career goals or any personal goals you have/had in life.  Sometimes we allow other’s fears and failures to make us afraid before we even try, especially if it’s our parent, a trusted family member, a dear...

Letting Go of Fear
Letting Go of Fear

Take the jacket of fear off and go after the life you want.  I say the jacket of fear because fear can sometimes feel so overwhelming it can feel as if it is as large as a jacket that you can not take off.  Whenever we think of change it can definitely bring upon some